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September 27, 2015
Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve not posted a proper post in a while.. As you can probably see from the post title, I’ve been to Orlando! I went with Will and his family for 2 weeks so it’s been pretty manic and I only got back this morning so haven’t really had time to post anything! Just a little warning, this could be a long one.. and I’m writing this after being awake for way over 36 hours haha!


We booked our holiday through Thomson, which meant we got to fly on the dreamliner which was fun! There was more leg room (doesn’t really matter for me because I’m quite short anyway!) and it just felt a lot nicer. We stayed at the Vista Cay by Millennium Resort, which I recommend as it’s very central unlike if you got a villa and you could be a half an hour drive from the parks! In the resort you have the option of having an apartment (2/3 bed) or a 3 bedroom townhouse which is what we had as it had more space. It’s gated so you feel secure and it also has all of the facilities that you need for your stay.

When we were there we had a multi-park ticket so we were able to go into Universal, Seaworld, Busch Gardens, Aquatica and Wet and Wild. We also got a 2 day pass for Disney as well so we went to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios there 🙂



Universal was definitely my favourite because of Harry Potter, I think I’m going to do a separate post for that though! I am not a rollercoaster fan, I hate the sensation of when you drop so I didn’t go on anything massive, although a lot of the rides there are simulator sort of things so they’re really fun!

Aquatica was definitely my favourite over the two of the waterparks we went too, I think partly because it’s newer so has a cleaner feel to it and also the rides were fun, a lot of them were two person tyre rides so me and Will could go down them together, I did manage to GoPro one of the slides when were going down! It also has a man made beach which is nice as you can sunbathe there on the beds. We spent a lot of our time in the lazy river which you can go and look at the dolphins and fish, and also a lot of time in the rapids where you had the option to wear a life jacket so you can just let the current take you round.

The other parks were great fun too, Disney was really busy on both days we went and we found the transport was a bit tricky when we wanted to get from Magic Kingdom to Downtown Disney as we had to go to a resort first then catch a bus. It just seemed more tricky than it needed to be! I’m still glad I went though, I felt like a little kid again, and obviously had to get myself some Mickey ears and a hoodie!

Apart from that we played lots of crazy golf, did lots of shopping and ate far too much food! Cheesecake factory being one of my favourite restaurants there, I ate far too much and now I think I’ve eaten enough food for a month. Definitely go to the Coldstone Creamery though, oh my word, best milkshakes EVER!

I definitely recommend going there if you can as it’s really amazing, just expensive! This was my first time in America and I can’t wait to be back again in February when I go to New York 🙂

Have you ever been to Orlando? 🙂


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