Travel | New York Day 5

February 11, 2016

Hello everyone!

It’s Wednesday, so we are on day 5 of our adventure! I think I’m starting to get used to the atmosphere here now, it’s so much different to what I’m used to and when I first got here, I felt a little out of my comfort zone just because of it being so busy and so completely different to where I live.

Today we didn’t leave the hotel until about 10am, we had been leaving loads earlier previous days, but found getting the elevator a nightmare.. You could be in there for a good 10 mins stopping on every floor because everyone’s trying to go out! We got out straight away leaving it a bit later, we grabbed our free muffins and headed to grand central station. It’s such a nice place! I loved just watching the people rushing around and the detail of the building. This place reminds me so much of the film Friends with Benefits haha!

Next we headed to fifth avenue for a bit of shopping. I will admit, I did expect it to be a bit more like when you go down Oxford street in London but I still enjoyed having a look around the shops! We went into Victoria secret where I am obsessed with their gym stuff so I’ve decided by the end of the week if I have enough cash left I’ll go get something! Might encourage me to go to the gym a bit more again! Haha. We went to Macy’s as well as its the worlds largest store but didn’t stay in there very long, just had a little nosey around!

Stupidly I forgot to bring our passes that we needed to get into our attractions so we had to pop back to the hotel, good job it’s near Times Square! It was mid afternoon as well so decided to grab a subway on the way back and eat it whilst in our room quickly. We also stopped by Carlos bakery from cake boss! We got 2 chocolate brownies which were yummy but so sickly, I still have some of mine left haha. I’d quite like to go try a cannoli which is what the place is known for but worried I won’t like it!

As the fog from this morning had cleared we decided it would be a good opportunity to go up the Rockefeller! We wanted to see it day and night so agreed to go just before sunset. We tried to go quite early as we needed to switch our tickets and wasn’t sure how busy it got. We eventually got to the top at about 5pm which was just enough time to catch the sunset. It was beautiful! I could have stayed up there for hours but it was so cold and windy. I think we managed a good hour or so up there so got some lovely pictures.

We then had a wonder back to Times Square and had a look around the shops there. I bought a couple of bits from American Eagle and then decided to head for some tea as it was getting late.

We ended up back at the Olive Garden haha! I think we are obsessed. Will had the same as what he had the other night, prawn Alfredo and I had pasta with a tomato and vegetable sauce as I was missing my vegetables after all this fast food! It was lovely and I think will wants to go again on Saturday before our flight haha! Sorry for the bad photo, the lighting was really bad!

We then walked back to our hotel feeling 10 stone heavier and got lost… Typical when both our phones had died! We ended a couple of blocks too far away from the hotel, it took us long enough to realise we were in the wrong place! Haha. When people said New York was tiring, I just laughed it off and didn’t really believe it could make you that tired, but oh my word I’ve never felt tiredness like it! So worth it though! 🙂

Anyway that’s pretty much my day today! More pictures below, mostly of the top of the rock, I hope you’re still enjoying the posts!
Sophie x


  • Jess

    February 11, 2016 at 7:29 am

    I’ve literally been stalking all your photos! ? Lol, how long are you there for? I’m beyond jealous right now, looks like you’re having amazing time! Xx

    1. Sophie Allan

      February 11, 2016 at 12:30 pm

      Aha! I’m here for a week, so flying home Saturday night! Not ready to come home? xx

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