Travel | New York Day 7

February 13, 2016

Hello Everyone!

So it’s our last full day, and our adventure has come to an end. I’m not sure if I’ll be posting tomorrow as I will be flying home so the day will only be spent travelling. We have just paid for late check out in our hotel so we can leave at 1pm instead. We decided to do this as it would be too much of a rush to do anything before needing to get to the airport so would rather play it safe and just get everything sorted and have a lie in as I know I won’t sleep on the flight home!

Anyway! Today we went shopping again. Whoops! I needed some trainers and we realised there was a few shops we hadn’t visited yet. We headed back to fifth avenue and ended up spending a long time in Abercrombie and Fitch, they have some really nice clothes and it’s such a big shop that it takes ages to look around everything anyway! We then headed over to Nike so I could get my trainers. I ended up getting some really nice black running ones, they did cost $120 dollars but so comfy and will last. You can find the ones I got here. I wish I got them earlier because my feet are definitely giving up after all the walking haha!

I wanted to go back to central park before we flew home and we were over that way anyway so we had a little walk around there. It was nice to be able to feel the sun as it made it ever so slightly warmer but still freezing! Someone was being filmed getting married just outside the entrance, it looked like proper TV crew but we couldn’t see who it was because of the crowds! By the time we walked back they were packing up their equipment.

As it was clear skies we decided to go back up the Rockefeller just so we could see it on a really blue sky day but even though we still had 2 choices left on our pass we bought, as we’d used it already for there, we couldn’t use it again which was a shame. We didn’t want to pay to go back up again as we were going up the Empire state that night anyway.

We decided to go to the Olive Garden .. again haha, for our last meal but we went to one closer to the Empire State as we planned to go up there after. We preferred the Times Square restaurant as the service was much better and also we had a draft every time people came through the door.

Once we finished our tea we walked to the Empire State and went up there to take some night time snaps of the city. We couldn’t believe how cold it was up there. We couldn’t feel our fingers so I have no idea how the man who worked there opening and closing the door wasn’t frozen, we could only last 10 minutes up there! We managed to take some nice photos though and the view was lovely!

That’s pretty much our day. Sad it’s our last day really but I’m ready for home now! I hope you’ve enjoyed these posts and the photos to go with them.

Sophie x


  • themakeupmenu

    February 15, 2016 at 11:34 pm

    I love those Nikes you got! They cost £105 in the UK so consider it a bargain! We are women, we can justify everything haha xoxo

  • Carmen White

    February 28, 2016 at 11:34 pm

    Hi Sophie, love your blog and live NYC! Your photos are amazing, what sort of camera do you use?? Cheers, Carmen

  • Carmen White

    February 28, 2016 at 11:35 pm

    Haha, I meant LOVE NYC!

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