Easter Weekend!

March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend

Hello Everyone!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely Easter and have eaten your own body weight in chocolate! I’ve eaten SO much!

I love Easter, mostly because I get a nice long weekend off work where I can spend time with my family and just have a mini break. I was lucky enough to get struck tonsillitis early last week.. I was hoping it was just a bad throat to accompany my nasty cold I had and would clear up on its own but boy was I wrong haha!

I was so worried because I had booked a night away in Manchester for Will’s birthday for the Friday night so really wanted to be well enough to go. After a trip to the doctors Thursday morning and getting some antibiotics, I finally started to feel a bit more human again by Friday afternoon when we headed to Manchester!

I’d booked us in a Premier Inn just across the road from the Trafford centre. We’d stayed overnight at the other Premier Inn close by before but I chose this one, Trafford Centre North because it was recently refurbished so had nicer rooms. I liked that they’d put larger TVs in the rooms because they were always so small you could barely see them from your room!

We arrived at 2pm and were greeted by a lovely friendly lady who checked us in and made sure we were happy with our room when we came back downstairs after dropping our bags. 🙂 We then headed to the Odeon in the Trafford centre to watch 10 Cloverfield Lane, I was a bit disappointed with it, I found it was really slow and didn’t get interesting until about 5 minutes before it ended!

We then went to Zizzi for tea.. I love it there! We both went for their Rustica Pizzas, mine was pepperoni, ham and mushroom. It was 10 times better than normal because I was able to eat again! Haha. Then for pudding I had some of their honey, sea salt and mascarpone ice cream.. Might sound strange but it tastes amazing! Will had chocolate pudding, his favourite from there!

I then had a really nice bath using a bath bomb and bubble bar I picked up from lush and had a chilled evening watching rubbish on TV, followed by a bit of shopping the next day.

After heading home, I wanted to make some Easter treats so decided on some cupcakes and cornflake nests. These seem to have gone down a treat. Will has probably eaten half of the cupcakes! I’ve popped some photos on here so you can see them! 🙂

Sunday was nice as we had an amazing roast dinner made by my dad, his roasties are the best, I can never cook mine the same! We had my Nana and Grandad over along with some of my other family which was nice.

Today has been pretty relaxed, still eaten far too much chocolate haha! Not looking forward to the early wake up tomorrow when most people in my house are on their Easter holidays for 2 weeks now!

What did you get up to for your Easter weekend? 🙂


  • Ami

    April 12, 2016 at 8:43 pm

    Sounds like you had a lovely Easter! The refurbished Premier inn rooms look much better, I like the purple lighting above the bed. It’s always hard getting up for work when everyone else is still in bed, my brother gets up the same time as me but he’s moving into his own place in July so I’ll be the only one getting up that early!

    Ami x

    1. Sophie Allan

      April 13, 2016 at 7:51 pm

      They are! We tend to try book these ones as they feel so much better and are loads cleaner! And haha oh no! I find with the mornings being lighter now it’s not so bad, it’s when it’s winter and everyone else is still tucked up in bed and cosy it’s awful! Thank you for passing by 🙂 x

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