Lady Betty Afternoon Tea

April 17, 2016

Hello Everyone!

I thought I would share with you a lovely experience I had today at Bettys in York with my friend Kath. I was very lucky to get some vouchers for a lady betty afternoon tea for my 21st birthday, which was back in July, but better late than never.. right?

Anyway! I had been meaning to use them before now but the Lady Betty afternoon tea is only available Thursday – Sunday and you had to reserve a table. I thought this was great because the queue to get into Bettys can be crazy long sometimes, although at first I was a bit worried people would think we were pushing to the front! I was wrong because you go up some separate doors around the corner, how posh!

We had a reservation for 3pm, so went up the stairs and was greeted by a lovely lady who sat us at our table, offered to take our coats and let us know who our waiter would be for the day. We were given a menu which told us what to expect with our meal and also had a choice out of 16 different tea. Yes, 16! We went with the Bettys afternoon tea blend which was lovely. They do offer help if you can’t decide which tea to have though which is good! 🙂

Firstly, you are served your appetizer which was prawn cocktail. I had never eaten prawns before and was a bit unsure if I would eat it or not but it was nice! It was in a little shot glass which was the perfect little amount for me with it being the first time eating them! Haha. The other option if you don’t eat prawns was a tomato and avocado cocktail.

Once you’ve finished those they bring out the rest of your afternoon tea. Now this is where it got exciting! Separate from the stand you’re given a plate with a smoked salmon and cream cheese roll, along with a pork pie. The salmon and cream cheese roll was lovely, very rich though so it was the perfect size. I can’t comment on the pork pie as I don’t eat them but Kath said it was lovely!

We then moved onto the sandwiches. The presentation of everything was excellent, it’s clear a lot of work has gone in to make this afternoon tea a very special one. The 3 types of sandwiches you’re given are egg and cress, coronation chicken and ham with a tomato pâté. We loved how cute and small the bread was!

Next we had the scones. We were given a lemon scone and a rose flavoured one. They were both nice but the lemon one was definitely the winner. These were my favourite part as I love having scones with jam and cream!

Finally, moving onto the lovely little cakes! You get 6 miniature cakes, a rhubarb cloud, a chocolate & passion fruit cube, a gooseberry macaroon, a pistachio & chocolate dacquoise slice, a raspberry tartlet and we had a chocolate coin which seemed to be a substitute for the lemon cake we were meant to get. They were all really nice, we decided to split the cakes in half so we could try a bit of them all haha!

After finishing those we sat and chatted for a little while before heading to the shop downstairs to get some cakes to take home for family. We were really pleased with the whole experience and thought the atmosphere was lovely, especially with the man playing the piano. We both left very full and felt it was great value for money. I would definitely recommend treating yourself to the lady betty afternoon tea, especially if it’s for a special occasion. 🙂




How cute are all the cakes and the macaroon! We finished our lovely afternoon off with a little walk around the bar walls on our way back to the car. I’ll pop some photos below because it was such a lovely day. I always forget how nice York is!

Anyway, hope you’ve had a lovely weekend! And I apologise for the lighting on some of the photos, there wasn’t a window seat available so just had to try my best! 🙂

Sophie x


  • Ami

    April 18, 2016 at 10:27 pm

    Once I saw your photo on Instagram I knew I had to read the full blog for more photos haha. The queue at Betty’s is really long but I never knew this room above existed! It sounds like a really unusual afternoon tea getting prawn cocktail as well, it sounds very posh. I like how oldy worldy Betty’s is and how posh you feel with all the delicate cutlery! I think it’s good getting vouchers or tickets for Birthdays as it’s something to look forward to, I bought my Mam & Gran an Afternoon Tea voucher at Christmas and we haven’t used them yet either – I hope they don’t run out, I’d be devastated!

    Ami x

    1. Sophie Allan

      April 19, 2016 at 7:08 pm

      It was quite an unusual afternoon tea! Although I had never had afternoon tea before so wasn’t sure what to expect! And I think vouchers are really great for gifts too! Or you can go on their website and get them to send cakes to people as gifts which is also good! I think mine had a year use on them so if they got them at Christmas they should be okay 🙂 x

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