Hosting your first Christmas in your new home

November 28, 2016

Christmas decor

I don’t know about you, but ever since I was young, I have always looked forward to the day I have my own home and will be able to host my first ever family Christmas! It’s my favourite time of year and holds a lot of memories for me throughout my childhood.

As this year it will be my first Christmas not at home with my parents, I thought it would be nice to share with you my top tips for hosing your first Christmas in your new home!

Turn your house into a Christmas grotto

Obvious and most important things first! Do you have your Christmas tree, decorations, a Christmas candles?! You are in a new home, so make sure you go all out, a bit like on that film deck the halls! Haha

Plan ahead- Don’t be stuck in the kitchen all day!

The night before, get the table set and get all the food prepped that you can! So, chop up your veg, get it all ready so that in the morning you can pop the turkey into the oven and cook the veg, much better than spending most of your day in the kitchen.

Important note: You need to make sure you have all the food/drink you need before the nighttime as it will be too late then! Now would be the time to panic if you realise you haven’t got a turkey!

Get your slots booked in for the Christmas TV!

We all know that Christmas is the time for all of the drama in the soaps, but it’s also the time for all the best films as well! There’s always bickering at Christmas for us over who wants to watch what – as long as I’ve seen Elf, Home Alone and The Santa Claus, I’m Happy! Make sure you get your TV slot booked in so you don’t miss out on your favourites, it may help prevent the arguments too!

Hot Chocolate and Cosy Blankets

After eating 3 times your body weight in food, you’ll want to spend your evening relaxing, it’s now the perfect time to get all the cosy winter blankets out and drink a hot chocolate in front of the tv. Or have a good old little afternoon snooze.

Create your ultimate Christmas Playlist

Christmas music is my all time favourite, so obviously a Christmas playlist is an absolute must. Makes me feel super festive!

So that is my top tips for hosting your first family Christmas in your new home. If you haven’t moved into a new home, hopefully you will still find these tips helpful! If you have any tips I’ve missed off, feel free to share them! 🙂

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Sophie xo



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