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March 15, 2017

St Ives

There’s something about going on car journeys I absolutely love. Whether it’s to go for a day out to the seaside, to the airport for a holiday or maybe to go shopping. Every car journey is an adventure, especially when I’m able to share the adventures with my mum. As Mothers Day is just around the corner I’ve teamed up with TheCarPeople to tell you about my favourite car journey that I’ve been on with my mum.

Firstly, I want to thank one of the more important women in my life, my Mum. She is one of the reasons I have grown up to be the person I am today and also one of my best friends! Thanks for putting up with me when I have my massive stresses over the silliest of things and thanks for simply being you! 🙂

Old Photo

My favourite car journey with my mum has to be the long drives down to St Ives, Cornwall when I was younger. I can still feel the excitement of my mum and dad waking us up at 2am to get us into the car so we could start our 8 hour journey to one of our happy places. They’d make us set off at this time so that we’d miss the traffic.. this never happened we’d end up stuck near Bristol and the 8 hour car journey would soon turn into 10 hours.

Some people are probably wondering why on earth would a car journey that long be one of my favourite journeys with my mum. Well family time is extremely important to us and this journey is one which we’ve done pretty much every year of my life with my brother and sister. From pestering my mum asking if we are there yet every 5 mins, to stopping at the services at 4am thinking you were really cool because you were up when everyone else was still asleep.

That particular car journey will always be my favourite, it’s the journey that takes us to one of our favourite places where a lot of our family memories were made, the place where we’d go to our favourite cornish pasty shop, have the best fish and chips and try hide from the seagulls so they didn’t steal our ice creams! Going body boarding in the sea (avoiding the jelly fish!), to hiding away in the tent on the beach from the rain until it passed. They are all very special memories to me which wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for that particular car journey.


Hopefully we will be able to have another car journey like this one day! What’s your favourite car journey you’ve had with your mum?

Happy Mothers Day Mum!

Sophie xo


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