Mini break to Cannes, France

June 26, 2017

Hello, I’m back! I know, I know.. I keep saying this, but I am this time! Work went a little manic and I’m not sure where the days are going at the moment. Life definitely goes faster as you get older. Anyway, I’ve just got back from a lovely mini break away to Cannes with Will and thought it would be nice to share it with you all.

We booked a lovely Airbnb which was in the more residential area of Cannes, partly because hotels were really expensive due to an event happening when we were there. The Airbnb also meant we had somewhere that was more of our own space, rather than the hustle and bustle of a hotel. If you’re considering Cannes, definitely look up this place as it’s perfect, and the host is great as well. It was in a new apartment block which felt very safe, about a 15/20 min walk down to the Croisette or quick taxi journey. It was also very homely which is always what you want when you’re away!


We didn’t have much planned whilst we were away. We wanted to relax as much as possible has it had been a crazy year so far. This was my first time in France, Will had been to Cannes a few times as he comes over for work but never has the chance to explore. I met Will out in Cannes as he was just finishing working, it was my first time flying alone. I was a little worried about it, but it wasn’t bad at all, if anything it was just a bit boring as it felt like a lot of waiting around. I’m such a worrier as well, so if I can do it, so can you! 🙂 I arrived Sunday evening, so really we had Monday to Friday to enjoy ourselves, which felt long enough, but it’s definitely doable over a long weekend if you wanted to. It’s such a lovely pretty place with so much to see and do.

Will and Soph

We spent some time chilling on the beach and having a look around the shops which was lovely. I’d not seen Will for a few days, so it was lovely to meet and get some quality time together. We ate lots of food, food being too much pizza and ice cream, because who doesn’t love them?! They had an ice cream place  called Amorino where they moulded it like a flower, so cute! I tried so hard to take a photo but as it was so hot, it melted straight away! They have a place in London too so definitely going to go there, it’s so yummy!

The best restaurant on our visit we found was called San Telmo, it was recommended to us by our Airbnb host. The food was delicious and not overpriced! It was always very busy too which is always a good sign when you’re on the look out for good places to eat!

Sophie 1

sophie 2

We had a wander up to the old part of Cannes to get away from the busy bits and to take some pretty pictures, it was really hot so walking up the big hill was quite a struggle but worth it for the pretty view. I think we went up there a few times, one being at sunset which was so pretty. One of the nights we walked up there, it looked like a VIP event was going on, wish I could have seen who was there! 🙂

If you’re after a little long weekend get away with a beach, retail therapy and pretty views, then Cannes is perfect for that! We did hope to get a little day trip to Monaco squeezed in, but we ran out of time. Hopefully next time we will be able to head over there as it’s been highly recommended.

PS. I wasn’t wearing the same outfit all holiday haha! We just took all the photos I liked in one night! And I just really liked my new Zara dress I got there haha.

Hope you enjoyed! I have another exciting surprise coming in the next few weeks, we are getting a little puppy! So keep an eye out for puppy updates!

Photo Credit: Will Augur

Sophie xo




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