Meet my Miniature Dachshund

July 30, 2017

So, a very exciting post today! I would like you to meet my new little friend, Frankie the miniature dachshund! He came home with us 2 weeks ago and has been settling in so well.

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted my own little miniature dachshund. I wasn’t able to get one until now as we had to wait to move out and make sure we were all settled in before going ahead. We spent a very long time researching and looking at different breeders before picking Frankie, so if you’re looking into getting your own little pup, please don’t rush. Make sure you’re getting your puppy from a proper breeder and not a puppy farm. Don’t be afraid to ask the breeder questions, if they are genuine they will answer anything! Ours was an absolute star. Please remember, rescuing is also an option, there’s so many animals out there who need loving homes!*

Frankie is now 11 weeks old, so can go on his first walk – so exciting! He’s not too keen on his harness and lead, he thinks it’s much more tasty to chew. He’s definitely getting more sausage form as the days go on, and his little personality comes out more and more everyday. He loves attention and cuddles, at first he was very clingy and would be constantly at your feet, but now he’s more settled he happily plays on his own and is much more independent.


We’ve been working very hard to crack toilet training with him. Dachshunds are known for being one of the hardest breeds to toilet train, and it’s very true! They are so stubborn so if they don’t want to go outside, they won’t. Especially in rain! Although Frankie isn’t too bad in rain.. it’s more if the grass is too long he won’t go! He will also pee/poo inside if we’ve told him off to get revenge haha!

He’s very good with people, he comes to work with me and absolutely loves it. He gets fuss all day long and sleeps on my lap. I wish my life was that easy! We’ve had so many people say how calm and great he is with new experiences to say he’s so young. This makes me very happy. 🙂

He enjoys eating Lily’s kitchen puppy food, which we have kept him on since he came from the breeder. It’s slightly more expensive but I would much rather feed him something he’s happy with and also full of goodness! 🙂 He also loves to have carrots and celery, so I think he’s part rabbit! 🙂


We are very much in love with our new addition and couldn’t imagine our life without him. Having a puppy is very hard work, it’s very tiring but totally worth it. Night time is very difficult as puppies struggle being apart from their litter to begin with, so expect lots of crying. I want to just run and cuddle him every time but you have to ignore it. It’s not forever though, so it’s worth the sleepless nights!

We will be posting lots of Frankie updates as he grows, we also made him his own instagram account if you’d like to follow him, it’s @frankietheminisausage_

Sophie xo

*I understand people encourage to rescue dogs rather than encourage breeding, we did look into this but for us a puppy was the best option as it would be coming to work with me, so ideally would need to get that experience from a young age. Dachshunds are also very hard to come across in rescue shelters. This doesn’t mean we won’t rescue in the future, as this will always be an option. 🙂



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