Frankie Update #1

September 5, 2017

Our little Frankie has now been with us for almost 2 months! Can’t believe how quick time has flown but it also feels like he’s always been here. I thought I’d give you a little update on how he’s settling in and share some photos of him!

He’s now 16 weeks old and full of mischief! He is a very happy pup, and extremely well socialised due to him coming to work everyday with me. When he gets into the office he runs around to say morning to everybody, hoping for lots of cuddles. He then settles down in his bed and usually naps most of the morning before having his lunch and a mad half an hour running around.

Frankie photoshoot2

We are currently at the teething stage, so he is biting everything! That means a lot of his toys are getting ruined too, woops! His teeth are like little needles so it can be painful if he catches you, but he’s slowly starting to learn! Thankfully he knows not to bite the furniture, otherwise that would have been a bit of a nightmare!

He loves his food! He’s currently eating Lily’s Kitchen puppy food which we will be keeping him on as he loves it! I prefer to give him this food as it’s not full of rubbish so I know he’s having the best. We often split his food up and use some of it as treats though out the day. His favourite treat is apple which is chopped and peeled! I’m a huge lover of apples so when I’m sat eating mine I have to share.. He also really enjoys carrot, it’s great to keep him occupied. 🙂

Frankie photoshoot 3

He’s currently having 15 minute walks per day, which is the recommended amount for his day (5 minutes per month of his age). He loves walking down by the river, but difficult to get walking from home as he’d rather smell everything. He’s good with other dogs, a little more cautious of smaller dogs though.

Toilet training, we are getting there! As you may know, Dachshunds are one of the hardest breeds to toilet train. Frankie has picked it up quite quickly, he’s a bit unsure at work still. We had to get some artificial grass for there as we are in the city centre where there isn’t much grass, so he wouldn’t go! At home he goes to the back door to tell us if he needs to go out, but if he is annoyed at us, he will get revenge by leaving us a present on the carpet! Bit worrying when it’s places we can’t find! Haha.

Frankie photoshoot1

He is able to sit, lay down, roll over and now high five people! Although who he high five’s depends on what mood he’s in haha! He seems to pick things up quickly, he’s so intelligent! 🙂

He loves to play in the garden and will find any opportunity to have a little sunbathe! He loves to go to work with me, especially loves to watch out of the window on the bus. He is learning to become independent, he now happily goes off on his own around the house. Before he always used to be at your feet, so it’s lovely to see he’s feeling comfortable. He also loves his crate now! Woohoo! It took a while but we got there!

Frankie 1

Little Frankie is growing up more each day, so it’s lovely to see how his personality develops. He’s such a funny little puppy and we are so very grateful to have found such a chilled out little guy. The lovely photos I’ve put on here were taken by my friend who has done a wonderful job. It was lovely to get some photos of the 3 of us,  especially when he’s so little.

Make sure you follow his Instagram for more updates! @Frankietheminisausage_

Sophie xo


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