Where have I been?

January 14, 2018

Hello! You’re probably wondering where have I been? No where interesting! Just the craziness of adult life took over and 2017 went way quicker than I imagined! However, after a little make over, here I am again back blogging and raring to go for 2018!

After moving out at the end of 2016, myself and Will spent the start of 2017 settling into our new home and making it feel like our home. It was great fun! We still have lots to do but we’ve learnt that you can’t do everything right away, it takes time. To be honest though, if we got everything done straight away, we wouldn’t have any fun house projects to be doing! So there’s still lots of painting, home accessories to buy and a garden to finish once spring arrives! It was lovely at Christmas as we got our first real tree and made our first ever Christmas dinner. We are so excited to do that again this year! 🙂

Once all the house settling was done, we decided it was time to introduce a puppy to our family! I’m sure you’ve all seen our little Frankie either on my blog or my Instagram! He’s so much fun, and he’s settled in perfectly. He’s 8 months old now, he’s got so much sass and definitely rules the house! Haha.

Before I knew it the year was over and I’d hardly even written any blog posts. I will admit I fell out of love with blogging, especially my blog. I didn’t like how it looked anymore and I didn’t know what to write on it! My mind was completely blank. There was a constant pressure to post every week, but when you’re so busy sometimes you can’t do that. I’ve decided though, 2018 I will get back blogging! So the blog has had a little makeover, which I’m so happy with!

Sophie Blogging 2

So I have a couple of adventures lined up for 2018 which I’m looking forward to blogging about! We are going to Florida again in April – I cannot wait! After looking at my blog posts from visiting last time, I’m so excited to up my game on the photography and content on our trip. I am just trying to decide how often to post when we are there. We then have a trip to New York in August with my sister. We promised we’d take her one day and her 21st is coming up in October, so we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to take her! It’s going to be so different from the last time we went in 2016 as that was in the middle of winter, where as this is going to be so hot! I’m planning on doing daily blog posts whilst I’m there again as I got a lot of comments saying people loved that last time! 🙂

Other than that, 2018 is a mystery so I’m sure I’ll have some great content coming up for you all! I hope you all had a great weekend, and have a lovely week ahead of you!

Take care

Sophie xo

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