What I’ve learnt since buying my first home

January 28, 2018

It’s been just over a year now since I moved into my first home with my boyfriend. I still can’t quite believe that our home is ours, it still feels like we are on a holiday. Moving out for the first time is a big deal and when you’re going through everything like bills, etc it’s quite scary. Now we’ve had our first year living adult life I thought I’d share with you a few things that I feel I have learnt.

Bedroom decor

It’s okay for your house to not be tidy 24/7. This is so true. Before we moved I was certain that our house would be super tidy all of the time. At first when we moved I was always making sure things were put away and the place looked really tidy, but as the weeks went on I learnt this wasn’t going to be possible all of the time! We both work full time and have busy lives, so the bed might not always be made on a weekday or there may be a few dishes left in the sink.

Don’t expect all DIY to be done straight away. As soon as we moved in we wanted everything to be sorted straight away, thankfully as we moved into a new build the stuff we needed to do was minimal. We wanted to paint but as the house was still settling, we decided to wait. 1 year on and we’ve only painted our bedroom and ensuite. We still haven’t got a wardrobe in our bedroom as we haven’t found one we liked, so our spare room is acting as that for the time being. Don’t panic trying to get everything straight away, it all takes time.

You can still enjoy life! So many people told me “your life’s over now you’ve bought a house” “no more treats for you” blah blah. Well if anyone tells you that, ignore them. They are completely wrong. We have still been able to do all the things our friends who still live at home are able to do, so don’t let people scare you into not moving out by saying things like that.

Chilled nights/weekends at home are the best. Before I moved out, I always wanted to be busy and have plans, but now my favourite thing to do is just chill at home with a blanket in front of the TV.

Bills aren’t as expensive as we thought. Now we’ve lived here for a year, we have realised the cost of running our home is so much cheaper than we budgeted for. Even better, our gas/electric/water bills have reduced in price due to us using less than they expected. We actually ended up over £200 in credit with our gas and electric supplier so for months only paid £7 a month!

Having your own home can be hard work at times. Before I’d go to work, come home and my dinner would be on the table for me. Obviously now that’s not the case, it needs cooking when we get home which some nights after a long day it’s the last thing you want to do. Rather than just having my bedroom to clean, I now have a whole house that needs cleaning is also pretty tiring, but it is all worth it. Having a home that is your own is the best feeling in the world.

bathroom decor

They’re some of the main things I’ve learnt this past year – oh and that I clearly have an obsession with tropical decor and plants! I could keep going on as it’s been such a learning curve but I think I’ve covered the main points. I’m so proud of how far we’ve come in the past year. Having our own home is the best decision we’ve made and I couldn’t recommend it enough, as long as you do your research and budget everything so there’s no surprises you will be fine. 🙂


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