Center Parcs Woburn – A Weekend in the Forest

March 14, 2018

At the beginning of March we had a lovely family get away to Center Parcs, Woburn Forest. Even though we had been visiting the Center Parcs villages since I was practically born, we’d still not managed to visit the newest one Woburn!

From us, Woburn is about a 3/3.5 hour drive and typically on the weekend we were going the beast from the east hit the UK as I’m sure you all know! We were watching for updates on Friday morning before leaving, as the snow had been so bad that week they advised you could rebook your break if you wanted to! I think that was a lovely thing for them to do, as the weather is completely out of their control!

Center Parcs 2

After being given the go ahead, we left home at 2pm to head down south. All was great until we got to Peterborough and the snow started to fall, again! We were about 3 miles from Center Parcs when we had to detour as a car had gotten stuck in the snow, by this point it was starting to get dark and the conditions weren’t that great! We then had 2 more failed attempts of getting there via different routes because of the snow! So many cars were getting stranded and it was just mayhem.

We decided to jump onto the M1 and head down a few more junctions to see if we could access it that way, by the point my dad said if we can’t get in this way we are turning back home! Thankfully we managed to make it this time, just over 6 hours later! When we arrived the staff on security told us they were stranded there so had to stay overnight, and the place was so empty as people either hadn’t turned up yet or decided it wasn’t safe to travel.

Executive Lodge

Driving up to our lodge, it felt like we were in winter wonderland. There was so much snow! It was dark so we were looking forward to seeing it the following morning. We unpacked the car and settled in for the night as we were all shattered. We booked ourselves into a 4 bed executive lodge which we thought was lovely. It was so clean and felt very well kept. We had a sauna which we enjoyed using, and also loved toasting marshmallows on the fire. We saw they were building some treehouses like at their other parks, we kept joking we’d stay in one of those one day. We can dream right? 🙂

The following morning myself and Will wanted to get some nice photos of the snow before everyone walked through it! The forest was so beautiful, it made up for the crazy journey the night before. Center Parcs had done a great job clearing the paths and roads too so that it was safe for everyone.

Center Parcs 3

That morning we headed to the subtropical swimming paradise, it’s very well sign posted throughout the village so getting about is no problem at all. We were excited to try out the slides and rapids at the pool, that’s our favourite bit. They did not disappoint! There is an outdoor rapids which is great fun, it was a tad cold some days but that’s fine! The slides were our favourite, I love the fact they had a variety of them, especially as they were ones with tyres. Me and my sister loved the cyclone. Even better that we didn’t have to queue at all throughout our break for any of the slides! It was so quiet!

There is also a lazy river with inflatable rings to use, which we enjoyed. We didn’t use the main pool as we preferred the other areas. There is also a big kids pool which they all seemed to be enjoying! My only disappointment was there not being any jacuzzi’s, I love to go relax in those!

Center Parcs 4

We ate out at Hucks, which is an american style diner that night. I had a BBQ beef burger which as always was amazing. The portion sizes are perfect and I think reasonably priced! Everyone else also had burgers which they loved too. We didn’t have desert as we were saving ourselves for toasted marshmallows later that evening!

The Sunday we had another trip to the pool for a few hours. We didn’t do any activities that weekend, we were wanting to go to the Aqua Sauna but when we looked before our holiday it was sold out unfortunately. The pool outside looked so good! I wish we’d been able to go. That evening we ordered a takeaway from Dining In, they serve a wide range of cuisines from Pizza to Chinese. We chose Indian, which previously we’d really enjoyed, however this time we were left quite disappointed and that it was extremely overpriced for what we got.

Center Parcs 5

Monday was a final quick trip to the pool followed by heading home. We left about lunch time, just because the journey was so long getting there, we wanted to make sure we left plenty of time to go home. You wouldn’t have thought it had been a winter wonderland all weekend though, by Monday all the snow was gone and the sun was out like it was spring!

We all really enjoyed our stay and absolutely will be back in the future. We are hoping our next visit to one of the villages will be Longleat as we haven’t been there since we were really young. Thank you Center Parcs for making our weekend a great one. We all came back very relaxed and are always sad to leave! If you are looking for a chilled weekend away or a little family break, I would definitely reccommend booking Center Parcs.

Sophie xo





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