SophieAllan.co.uk is a personal blog written by twenty-four year old Sophie Allan who is based in Yorkshire, England. She wanted a place to write about her own passions, which on this blog will mainly be based around lifestyle and travel. You may also find the occasional fashion and beauty post too.

In summer 2016, Sophie and her partner Will started the process of buying their first home together. As it was much more difficult to get onto the property ladder so young now with house prices being so high, Sophie thought it would be a great opportunity to blog about her experience, and at the same time offer some tips on how others can save and budget. After this was picked up on by the housing developer her and Will were buying their home from, she as asked to do a TV interview for RedrowTV about her blog and experience with buying her first home. Sophie’s interview is now featured on Redrow’s website.

Alongside working with Redrow, Sophie has done small sponsored posts for other companies, like Inghams Travel and also a well known commercial airline.

If you would like to get in touch with Sophie, head over to her contact page.